Hello, I am April, a jeweler and a sailor.  

The idea began on a small ocean going sailboat.  The focsle was just big enough for a tiny jewelry bench.  When our real job changed and our family grew we moved onto a commercial longliner, eventually we owned and fished our own salmon troller.   As hours of deck work, fish boat chores, and night watch, turned into years of salty summers fishing for salmon, I dreamt about having my own jewelry studio.  Today my family and I are between boats, we live on shore and aren’t planning on sailing away any time soon.   I have the space to create jewelry inspired by beach walks, tidal currents, and always the fish.  Rings made with local rocks, bangles with a sense of place, and beach glass earrings are some of my most popular pieces.  Maybe your favorite sweater needs a brooch? or your hat needs a button?  Personalize your everyday with handmade jewelry.

Look around here and you will find quality, travel tested jewelry, made individually and by hand.   I use recycled metals, found objects, and traditional low tech fabrication techniques.  For periodic updates join my mailing list, follow me on instagram, or visit my garden studio pop-up.  I would love to meet you!